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Members of the team at American Beauty Medispa in Lake Forest, California, pride themselves on the quality of the aesthetic services they provide. Staff at the clinic are all qualified, experienced professionals, whose aim is to help women achieve lasting beauty using the most appropriate techniques for each client.

American Beauty Medispa researches every product and treatment method before deciding which are the best options for their clients. The range of noninvasive treatment options includes truSculpt® 3D for body sculpting, Juvéderm® and Restylane® for liquid face-lifts to delay and reverse the signs of aging, Botox for lines and wrinkles, and Kybella® injectables for jawline slimming. Clinicians also offer detailed advice on skin care and only prescribe products that are safe and effective, such as the industry-leading Jan Marini skincare line.

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Treatment designs are customized to every client, and there’s no pressure to have cosmetic procedures when the results you’re looking for can be achieved using a more conservative approach. All the treatment options are selected by staff who have specific expertise in the relevant field, and all are designed to provide clients with the best possible outcomes from their chosen procedures.




Botox treatments are well-established as an effective way to remedy the signs of aging...

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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is a simple procedure that gives skin back its glow.

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Skin Care

Skin care products are a staple of most women’s daily routine, and increasingly of men’s as well.

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Body Sculpting

The TruSculpt 3D uses directed heat to target fat cells. That heat causes the fat cell to essentially melt and die.

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