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Skin Care

American Beauty Medi Spa

Medical Spa located in Lake Forest, CA

Skin care products are a staple of most women’s daily routine, and increasingly of men’s as well. The variety of products available is so extensive it can be overwhelming, so it’s useful to know a little about the active ingredients and whether they are backed by clinical research. The team at American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest, California, aims to provide clients with the clearest and most accurate information, and only endorses products that have verifiable evidence for their claims, such as the Jan Marini range of skin care products. For expert advice on all your skin care questions, contact the clinic today, or book an appointment online.

Skin Care Q & A

What’s the best way to take care of your skin?

The most damaging influences on the skin are excessive sunlight and pollutants such as cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes. If your life involves regular exposure to any of these, your skin may well age prematurely. A healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and sufficient micronutrients also contributes to healthy skin, as do drinking plenty of water and avoiding too much stress.

Cleansing daily to remove grime and makeup helps keep your pores clear, and it’s also a good idea to exfoliate regularly to shift dead skin cells. Daily moisturizing keeps your skin soft and supple, but choose a product that’s designed for your skin type to get the best results.

American Beauty Medi Spa uses and recommends the Jan Marini skin care products, which have undergone extensive clinical trials to prove they are effective.

Which skin care products are most effective?

Skin care is at the forefront of preventing and treating the effects of aging, so finding products that work for you is crucial to your appearance. The key to selecting which products you should use is understanding the active ingredients and how they affect your skin.

These active ingredients are listed on the product packaging, so it’s easy enough to see what each product contains and in what quantity. Look for:

  • Retinol, or retinyl propionate; these derivatives of Vitamin A increase skin cell turnover
  • GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which relaxes nerve endings
  • Peptides, including copper peptides, palmitoyl oligopeptide, and PAL KTTS, (palmitoyl pentapeptide-3), which help increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity
  • Sirtuin, a protein that also improves skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Hyaluronic acid, which helps plump up the underlying tissues

These are recommended ingredients as they achieve consistently positive results in clinical trials.

What kind of skin care products should I use?

The team at American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest specializes in helping people look their best using the least invasive methods and readily discuss which skin care products suit their clients.

As trained professionals, they only use and recommend products that have proven beneficial effects as shown in high-quality clinical trials, so they base the advice they give on the same standard of evidence as that used in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you’re unsure how to take the best care of your skin, talk to the experts at American Beauty Medi Spa. Give the clinic a call today, or book an appointment online.