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American Beauty Medi Spa

Medical Spa located in Lake Forest, CA

It’s no longer necessary to go under the knife to achieve the benefits of having a face-lift. Current cosmetic procedures like injectable fillers plump up lines and wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance without you needing to have major surgery. The team at American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest, California, specializes in using leading dermal filler Juvéderm® to revitalize their patients’ skin and give them the effect of a face-lift using a noninvasive procedure. Call their office now, or book an appointment online.

Juvederm Q & A

What is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a filler with the active ingredient hyaluronic acid, which is made naturally in your body and helps your skin look young and firm. Juvéderm injections target the spaces in facial fibers, plumping them up and restoring the volume that decreases as people age. The acid in the filler also helps to retain water molecules at the injection sites, enhancing the effect.

There are specific Juvéderm compounds for different procedures, and studies show that Juvéderm outperforms other fillers, lasting longer and resulting in less inflammation. The doctors at American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest chose to use Juvéderm after extensive research into its safety and efficacy, and have considerable experience in treating patients for a variety of cosmetic procedures.

What procedures are suitable for Juvéderm?

As it comes in different formulations, Juvéderm can be used effectively for a number of different procedures, including:

  • Reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Liquid face-lifts
  • Facial sculpting
  • Enhancing cheekbones
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Plumping lips

The procedure for each is broadly the same. The clinic staff tests your skin four weeks before your planned procedure to check you don’t have any allergic reaction or sensitivity to the Juvéderm. It’s unlikely there’ll be a problem, but the American Beauty Medi Spa team takes every care to make sure your treatment is safe and effective.

During the procedure, your doctor will mark the areas for treatment and then carefully inject the Juvéderm into your skin. After each injection, your doctor massages the area gently to make sure the Juvéderm spreads out evenly.  It’s a relatively painless procedure, but you can have anesthetic gel or cooling packs applied to the injection site if you wish.

How long do the effects of Juvéderm treatment last?

Juvéderm treatments last between one and two years, depending on the product used and where on your body it’s been injected. Considering how quick and easy the procedure is compared to a surgical face-lift, having another treatment every year or two causes far less disruption and discomfort for patients.

Call the expert team at American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest a to discuss your options, or make an appointment online now.