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Jennings Staley, MD

located in Lake Forest, CA

About Dr. Staley

Jennings Staley, MD, is a world-renowned aesthetic physician and creator of the Skinny Beach Diet. He’s the medical director of American Beauty Medi Spa in Rancho Cucamonga and Orange County, California, as well as the medical director and founder of Skinny Beach Med Spa in San Diego, California.

As a well-known celebrity aesthetic physician in Southern California, Dr. Staley regularly appears on TV, news, and online media publications to share his expertise on the latest trends in aesthetics, hormone replacement therapy, body sculpting, and weight loss programs. 

His famed Skinny Beach Diet focuses less on body weight and more on body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. Dr. Staley’s incorporation of weight training and hormone supplement therapy helps his clients achieve their optimal physique while improving their overall health.

Delivering exceptional aesthetic care is Dr. Staley’s passion. He’s the author of “Aesthetic Vital Signs,” a service guide for aesthetic assessments of the face, and a certified Allergan Pharmaceutical Master Injector.

Dr. Staley is the CEO of National Medical Directors, a nationwide physician group that supports more than 40 medical spas around the United States. He’s a leader in the aesthetics industry and even received the Merz Pharmaceuticals “Physician of the Year” award in 2017.