Ladies, Treat Yourself With These Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

It’s time to retreat from tedious and exhausting routines and treat yourself with relaxing and self-care treatments. For all the ladies out there hiding their acne, struggling with wrinkles or covering dark spots, we have fantastic news for you! American Beauty Medical Clinic & Spa brings advanced, reliable and effective solutions for all your cosmetic needs. You name it and we have it! Check out some of our beauty treatments:


Wrinkles can take away the charm of your face. Although it naturally unfolds due to the age factor, it can result from sun damage and gravity too. The best and most effective way to get rid of wrinkles is to opt for the neurotoxin treatment. This treatment disconnects muscles from the nerves, so that it doesn’t get any signals and prevents contraction. It is used on forehead lines, around the eyes and frown lines. It takes only a few minutes, but makes your face look younger than ever.

Laser Hair Removal

All our party nights and date plans are decided by our waxing routine. Wouldn’t we just love to pick up a dress and wear it without worrying about hair growth? You can make this happen by opting for laser hair removal. It is designed to damage the hair follicle responsible for your hair growth. Our qualified professionals will examine your skin and hair type, discuss the potential risks, and select the layer for you accordingly. This treatment is safe and reliable.

Nightlase Snore Treatment

Is your partner constantly complaining about your snoring habit? Then we come to your rescue. Our nightlase snore treatment helps reduce snoring volume and intensity. This treatment contracts your collagen fibers and broadens the air passages, fixing your snoring habits. Moreover, it is non-surgical and non-invasive, making it painless, safe and healthy. This treatment is divided into three sessions with a gap of two to three weeks after each treatment. After three sessions, your airway size will increase and fix your snoring problem.

Polydioxanone (PDO) Threads

Sagging skin can dull the sharp features of your face and make you look older. You can treat such saggy skin with PDO threads. It is specially designed to lift and tighten saggy skin tissue. A polydioxanone thread goes into the deeper layers of your skin and tightens the tissues. It is painless, effective and shows an instant difference.

Vitamin Shots

Vitamin B12 is the most critical vitamin in your body. Having a shortage of B12 can raise many health issues, so approach us to get your vitamin shots. This shot will improve your metabolism, help with weight loss, increase concentration, and the list may go on as it has umpteen benefits. 

No more hiding and covering your flaws, for our treatments are designed to make your look flawless! It is time to fix the flaws, embrace yourself and become the perfect queen you were meant to be. Connect with American Beauty Medical Clinic & Spa to know more about our services.



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