Effective Method of Removing Unwanted Ink

Removing Unwanted Ink

A number of people who get tattoos regret their decisions later in life. But not to worry, as your tattoo needn’t be permanently etched onto your skin. There are now various ways to alter or even completely remove your tattoos. So a tattoo you got as a teenager needn’t follow you around well into your adulthood. Sometimes, you may even want to get your tattoo removed because the ink has faded and the tattoo looks unattractive or due to workplace protocols. So if you are looking for tattoo removal services, here’s everything you need to know about laser tattoo removal.

What is the Process of Laser Removal?

A laser is by far the most effective way to remove a tattoo. It includes a concentrated procedure carried out by the experts in three to ten sessions. To begin with, laser light is applied to the skin to fragment the tattoo ink into small particles. The heat expands the tattoo and shatters the ink into these particles. The white blood cells then absorb them, transporting them to the liver and eventually eliminating them.  This process is quick so that other particles remain cool. Due to optimal temperature, any damage to the skin is prevented.

Which Laser Machine is Used During Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal lasers are highly advanced, for they need to operate quickly and efficiently. Their effectiveness depends on two factors, i.e., heat and speed, which work in unison to break the ink particles uniformly. Generally, pigment Q laser is used as it has four narrow wavelengths that effectively work on the ink’s various colors and compositions. Its additional wavelength effortlessly expands the tattoo ink, so it can be removed easily. 

What Types of Tattoos Can be Removed by Laser?

The success of tattoo removal depends on various factors, including color, location, skin type, age and the intensity of the ink. However, older tattoos are considered easy to remove, as they have already faded. Therefore, they can be easily fragmented into small particles. Also, black ink can be effortlessly removed compared to other tattoo colors as it absorbs light quickly. However, note that skin type and tattoo color are important factors for tattoo removal. For instance, darker skin types have more melanin because specific colors can’t be targeted.

What is the Intensity of Pain During Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal can be painful, for your skin is exposed to 100°C heat. However, it happens rapidly and is balanced by the cool air system. Cooling air balances the temperature and prevents thermal damage. You can also ask for local anesthesia to deal with the pain.

Where Should I Get Laser Removal?

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