5 Treatments That Boost Your Skin’s Appearance

Skin Treatments

Everybody desires to have feathery-smooth skin and a glowing appearance, and why wouldn’t we? Due to this, we opt for various skin treatments, including facial masks or homemade remedies. Not to leave out that a copious amount of treatments and advice are scattered online. But what treatments are medically authentic and better for your skin? Let’s find out.

Fotona 4D Rejuvenation

As your skin ages, its glow and appearance seldom remain. The once firm and elastic skin becomes saggy and wrinkly. To upend these problems, Fotona 4D, a groundbreaking technology, targets these problems with a laser treatment that reaches the cellular levels of your skin to produce more collagen and elastin that retains the glow of your skin and rejuvenates it. It is best suited for people who wish to avoid any surgical procedures.


Your patience might be wearing thin with the increasing amount of wrinkles on your skin, and you’d want to get rid of them to regain your radiant skin back. Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead. This injectable muscle relaxer treats:

The area between your eyebrows

The forehead and around your eyes, known as crow’s feet

Moreover, it also treats medical issues, including chronic cramps, overactive bladders and profuse underarm sweating.

Plexr Treatment

Plexr plasma, also referred to as soft surgery, is an innovation designed to replace surgical methods that treat your skin in the most developed non-invasive way while exhibiting a faster healing time. The Plexr device creates dots over your skin to sublimate the superficial skin without bleeding or damage to the surrounding tissue. This transformative technology can be performed for all skin types and treat an array of skin problems involving acne, wrinkles, skin lesions, stretch marks, ageing eyes, scars, turkey neck and excess skin on upper or lower eyelids.

RF Micro Needling

While beauty is subjective, your confidence speaks volumes. And such confidence can ooze out of you with your glowing skin. But poor skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles can do a number on your skin and bruise your confidence. However, with Radio Frequency micro needling, you can revive your skin back to its original texture and even enhance it. Microneedling is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that treats poor textures, acne scars and even hyperpigmentation. This treatment uses a roller with fine needles that prompts your body’s healing responses and subsequently increases elastin and collagen to get a smoother complexion and healthy skin.


PRP (plasma rich platelets) with micro-needling can speed up the process of healing and work even better than micro-needling alone. According to research, PRP with micro-needling:

Improves acne scarring

Observes higher patient satisfaction

Decreases the amount of downtime required after the procedure

PRP uses part of the patient’s blood. This cosmetic treatment stimulates collagen production by using a roller with microscopic needles and platelets, which makes the blood clot and boosts your healing process. PRP proves vital in treating pores, surgical scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage or uneven skin.

When you hand over your medical records for skin health to someone, you want to make sure you can trust them. American Beauty Medical Clinic & Spa is an expert practitioner that believes in providing the best treatment and services to our clients and succeeds in bringing a joyous smile to their revitalized faces.



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