Why truSculpt® 3D Has Such a High Satisfaction Rate

Diets are frustrating on a good day, never mind when you’re trying to make that final push to your goal, only to have stubborn deposits of fat hold on despite all of your best efforts. Closing that gap to your ideal body shape is now easier than ever thanks to new laser technology that reduces fat cells, for good.

At American Beauty Medi Spa, we want our patients in Lake Forest, California, to look as vibrant and youthful on the outside as they feel on the inside. By undoing some of the telltale signs of years gone by, we can help restore your confidence and a fair bit of your swagger as you make your way through the world. One of the easiest, and most effective, tools to get there is our body sculpting system by truSculpt® 3D.

Here’s a look at why our truSculpt 3D fat reduction technology has such a high satisfaction rate.

Zeroing in

One of the more difficult aspects of weight loss is your inability to target where you lose the weight. Despite the promises and gimmicks, it’s impossible to direct your weight-loss efforts to any single target area on your body. When you lose weight, your body chooses where it gives the fat up and, all too often, it’s not where you want it.

The human body is governed by biological imperatives and it’s hard-wired to protect and preserve itself, largely for reproduction. This means that women are more prone to hold onto fat around their pelvis where their reproductive organs are housed, including their abdomens, thighs, and buttocks. Men, on the other hand, only seem to hold onto fat around their bellies.

With our truSculpt 3D system, we’re able to directly target the fat you want to get rid of by delivering laser energy straight into the offending fat cells, bypassing your body’s directive to hold onto the fat.

Cutting the numbers

Another great benefit of the truSculpt 3D system is that your body carries the same number of fat cells throughout your life. When you gain or lose weight, you’re not adding or losing fat cells; your existing fat cells are increasing or decreasing in size.

With our truSculpt 3D system, we not only target certain fat cells in specific areas; we’re able to destroy up to 24% of the fat cells, which don’t regenerate. Instead, your body flushes the destroyed cells out through your lymphatic system, never to return again.

A gentler approach

If the thought of a surgical procedure to remove fat leaves you cold, truSculpt is ideal. Our patients love that each treatment takes only about an hour and they’re free to get on with their normal routines directly afterward. Most of our patients need up to three treatments with truSculpt. We space these treatments apart by several weeks to allow time for the body to process the destroyed fat cells.

The laser energy is a monopolar radio-frequency (RF) technology that heats up and destroys your fat cells below without harming the surface area of your skin. You may feel some heat during your treatment, but most of our patients tolerate this very well.

A giant thumbs-up

While we understand that it’s easy for us to say that our own body sculpting system is great, sometimes you need to hear it from the patients themselves. At realself.com, which is a website that encourages frank reviews of cosmetic procedures, the discerning community gave truSculpt 3D an overwhelming 85% approval rating. It’s hard to argue with those numbers.

If you’d like to explore for yourself how truSculpt can put the finishing touches on your weight-loss efforts, please give us a call or use the online scheduling tool on this website to set up a consultation.

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