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Top Reasons Laser Hair Removal Is Better than Waxing or Shaving

Laser hair removal is the gold standard for smooth skin — and with good reason. The method is completely safe and virtually painless, and the results are permanent. Both men and women, young and old, take advantage of laser hair removal because of its many benefits.

The enthusiastic hair removal experts at American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest, California, are ready to help you deal with problematic and unwanted hair, permanently.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a permanent way to remove hair from any area of your body like legs, chin, bikini area, and upper lip. The doctor uses a handheld laser device that presses against your skin, and a light beam targets your hair follicles. The laser beam damages the hair follicles permanently so they are unable to grow hair again.

Benefits of laser removal

Using shaving cream and buying new razors every week is costly and takes up a lot of time. And a razor can only remove the hair from the surface of your skin — that’s why it comes back so quickly. Waxing is painful and not at all permanent, it’s messy, and it can cause burning or even skin infections. Fast, permanent laser removal is clearly your best choice to get rid of unwanted hair.

It can treat large areas

Laser hair removal is excellent for small areas, but it’s also the best option for removing hair from a large area of your body. The laser device treats large areas quickly, way faster than shaving, waxing, or plucking.

It’s fast

The procedure is fast, regardless of how much hair you’re removing. You can be in and out of our offices over your lunch break. With a single pulse of the light beam, the device removes many hairs at the same time, and each pulse lasts only a fraction of a second. An upper lip treatment can take less than one minute.

It’s practically painless

Laser hair removal is far less troublesome and painful than ripping your hair out with wax strips or plucking it with tweezers. Our hair removal specialists take great care to ensure your comfort during the session. Plus, you only have to go through the procedure one time (although some areas require a few sessions to completely remove hair).

It’s convenient

Can you imagine never worrying about picking up shaving cream or finding a fresh razor ever again? No more sticky waxing appointments and irritated, red skin? Laser hair removal is a small decision that can make a big difference in your life.

It’s good for everyone

No matter your gender or age, our specialists create a unique and personalized plan for you according to your skin tone and the thickness and density of your hair. Everyone will see positive results.

It gives immediate results

Get ready to show off right away. You’ll notice immediate results after your first session.

Don’t spend one more day or one more dollar on hair removal products that can’t promise a permanent solution. Call our offices today at 949-273-4468 or make an appointment using our convenient online scheduling tool.

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