Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With TruSculpt 3D

Weight loss isn’t easy, fast, or fun, but it’s very satisfying when you put in the effort and see the results. Better still, the health benefits you’ll discover could astonish you. Despite all your efforts, your body might betray you by maintaining ripples and bulges and bumps, stores of fat that ignore all your hard work. Even if you’ve maintained a steady weight over the years, your body can change how it packs away fat cells as you get older.

It’s not unusual to think of weight loss as “melting fat,” though that doesn’t really describe the process, which needs calorie deficits to direct your body to energy stores represented by adipose tissue. When you have fat pockets that resist reducing efforts, you really do need a way to melt that fat, and you’ve now got a partner with the truSculpt® 3D body sculpting system.

What is body sculpting?

It’s always been possible to alter the appearance of unwanted fat stores, particularly in the abdomen and flanks. Traditionally, this was done surgically, with tummy tucks and liposuction. While certainly effective, not everyone has the time or inclination to go through a surgical procedure with its associated recovery time.

The truSculpt system represents a non-invasive way to eliminate unwanted fat cells in a non-invasive treatment performed in-office over a short, hour-long session that’s customized to treat the areas that you want. A single session can remove about 24% of the fat cells in a single treatment.

truSculpt and radiofrequency energy

The secret behind truSculpt’s remarkable success with abdominal fat is monopolar radiofrequency energy. It’s a development that’s used in other medical treatments, each taking advantage of the controlled way radio waves can warm targeted tissue.

Adipose tissue, where fat cells are stored, have a comparatively narrow temperature tolerance. The truSculpt system beams radiofrequency energy through your skin, where it is absorbed by adipose tissue. As fat cells absorb radio waves, they warm up gently. At a point about 10 degrees above your normal body temperature, these cells reach what’s called the coagulation point.

At this temperature, your body senses that something has happened to these cells and sends out the signal to remove these compromised cells, nearly one-quarter of those in a treatment zone. Over the next few weeks, these cells are naturally expelled from the body through the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Flushed from the body, the net effect is that you’ve essentially melted unwanted fat. Perhaps the best part is that these cells aren’t replaced, since your caloric load is under control. There’s no need for additional fat storage. Unless you undergo a substantial weight gain later, you won’t be bothered by bulging in these abdominal target areas.

Professional body sculpting

The caregivers at American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest, California, proudly offer the truSculpt body sculpting system to their clients who are near or at their optimal weight, but who suffer from stubborn bulges around their belly or flanks. Non-invasive truSculpt sessions give you the benefits of liposuction without the surgical drawbacks. Call the office today to learn more about how truSculpt can help you attain your body image goals. 

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