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Body Sculpting — Beyond the Belly

Many people have taken advantage of body sculpting services to banish fat around their waistline. If you’re looking for treatment options in body sculpting beyond the belly, advanced systems like Fotona®️ and truSculpt®️ 3D might be exactly what you need. These noninvasive, nonsurgical procedures are quick, safe, and affordable.

At American Beauty Medi Spa in Lake Forest, California, we offer many advanced cosmetic solutions for both men and women, our specialists do much more than banishing belly fat. From loose skin around knees to cellulite on your thighs, we have options for every client.

If you’re struggling with your appearance and want to look your best, this post can help you decide if body sculpting is the best path forward for you.

Beautiful results — for your belly and beyond

These state-of-the-art treatments do, in fact, banish that stubborn fat around your abdomen. However, we can use them to also shape, lift, tone, and even eliminate unsightly veins. One or both may be perfect for you.


The Fotona laser system is used in dentistry and medicine. Because it uses higher wavelengths than other lasers, it reaches the deepest, most stubborn layers of skin. This innovative, nonsurgical solution uses light instead of heat, ensuring your comfort and relaxation throughout the process.

While it’s excellent in reducing loose neck skin and sculpting your jawline, Fotona is also ideal for tightening other areas of loose skin like your arms and knees. Because the laser selectively targets your deepest layers of skin, this advanced treatment can remove body hair, minimize the appearance of veins and vascular lesions, and — best of all — permanently destroy fat cells.

TruSculpt 3D

Another fantastic resource our skilled team uses at American Beauty Medi Spa is truSculpt 3D. This noninvasive procedure is excellent for contouring the body of your dreams. TruSculpt uses radiofrequency to permanently destroy fat cells in stubborn areas like the thighs, wiping out virtually all traces of cellulite.

Unlike surgical liposuction, which in some cases can enhance the appearance of cellulite, the truSculpt 3D laser is a nonsurgical option that requires no stitching, recovery time, or anesthetic. There are nearly zero risks with this body sculpting procedure, and you can see the full effects of this laser treatment after only three short months.

Use them together for optimal results

No problem is too big or too small for Fotona and truSculpt 3D when you use them together. We can customize a treatment plan for you that permanently banishes fat cells and improves your confidence in your own body. 

The Fotona laser treatment is great for:

We recommend two to six Fotona sessions for optimal results.

Our specialists also use truSculpt 3D in a variety of ways, helping patients improve their self-esteem and accomplish the body shape of their dreams. 

TruSculpt 3D laser treatment is great for:

You can discuss the number of truSculpt 3D sessions you need to achieve the most noticeable results.

Our body sculpting options are safe for most skin tones and types, and both are almost painless with no downtime. If you’re ready to learn more about body sculpting, call American Beauty Medi Spa today or book a consultation online.

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